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On this website we show three separate lists of names:

1.  IMMIGRANTS AND SPONSORS   -  Now on Ancestry

The names of almost 60,000 Immigrants approved by the Privy Council of Canada to come to Canada between 1930 and 1960 and also 20,000 of their sponsors in Canada.  The names are in alphabetical order by Surname or Family Name. 

Names starting with the letters A to E are on Surnames A - E

Names starting with the letters F to J are on Surnames F - J

Names starting with the letters K to O are on Surnames K - O

Names starting with the letters P to T are on Surnames P - T

Names starting with the letters U to Z are on Surnames U - Z

We charge $20 per request.

If your ancestor's name doesn't appear on these lists, please see our suggestions on how to continue your search:  Where else to look

Here is more information on why your ancestor's name may not be on our lists:  My name isn't listed



The names of Canadian Indigenous persons who were enfranchised by the government of Canada between the 1870s and 1970.  The names are in alphabetical order by Surname or Family Name and can be seen on Enfranchisement

We do not charge for copies of these photographs.


3.  EXIT PERMITS 1942-1946 

The names of women and children who were given permission by the Privy Council of Canada to leave Canada between 1942 and 1946.  The names are in alphabetical order by Surname or Family Name and can be seen on Exit Permits

We charge $10 per request.



To order images of the information about any person listed on our website or to ask any questions, please contact us at orderincouncillists@outlook.com 

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DONE Sending...

Debra | Reply 12.10.2021 21:01

Please send anything you have Demetrius Coulourides.

Iris Sopinka | Reply 19.04.2021 12:31

please send file or just documents for parents, Eva Sopinka, Teodore Sopinka, thank-you, Iris Sopinka

Natalie Jakumeit | Reply 11.03.2021 18:33

Hello,I am looking for relatives of greataunt Ona Januleviciute born ab,1901 in Lithuania,Rudamina,as i know about 1948 lived in Chikago
Thank you very much

Linda | Reply 20.07.2020 12:43

This is SPECTACULAR! I can't wait to see the file.

Eva Sjölund | Reply 11.03.2020 07:53

Hello I am looking for relatives of Abram Arvid Blomqvist was born in 1901 and deceased in 1959

John Gara | Reply 09.02.2020 12:39

Family name: GARA
If you have any information,....please contact,
Thank you

judy | Reply 27.01.2020 17:19

looking for James Donnelly and ellen mccart

Shar-Lee | Reply 07.12.2019 15:48

I am having trouble connecting via email. I am looking for anything you may have on Anna Antonyszyn 20, Poland. Sponsored by David Biztok, Montréal.

JASINSKI | Reply 12.09.2019 08:49

Bonjour, je cherche des informations sur "Paul Von Weymarn" (et son ép. Elisabeth), et sur le frère de Paul : "Peter Von Weymarn" (mon arrière grand-père)

Joanna Crandell 12.09.2019 09:31

Je serai hors de la maison et mon ordinateur avec notre base de donnees jusqu’a la fin de septembre. Je repondrai a ce temps la.i

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30.11 | 09:11

Are there lists for immigrants arriving after 1960? These lists are with permission of the Privy council. Are there lists without permission of Privy council?

11.11 | 00:56

Can you please send me all the info you have on Joseph Obtagesic that is my great grandfather

10.11 | 13:05

Looking for information on Geza Dezso came to canada between 1957 and 1971 from budapest hungary.

12.10 | 21:01

Please send anything you have Demetrius Coulourides.

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