Enfranchisement Orders in Council pages

The format of the Enfranchisement Orders in Council changed between the 1870s and 1969.  The earliest ones were handwritten while the later ones were printed on legal-sized paper and then later on letter-sized paper.  

Below are sample photographs of the printed Orders in Council.  We will leave the entry for the name you are requesting visible and block out the names of other persons mentioned in the Order in Council where required.

If you have found the name or names of persons you are interested in, please send us an email at "orderincouncillists@outlook.com" and we will send you the photographs that contain the information about those persons. 

We charge $10 for the photographs that can be paid by cheque, money order or Interac.


You are welcome to use the photographs but the copyright remains with us.  If you post the photographs on a website, please credit us by indicating: 


"Photo from www.orderincouncillists.com." 

Typical enfranchisement OIC before 1952. Only one name or one family was shown on each OIC and usually the amount of band money they would receive once they were enfranchised.
The typical first page of an Enfranchisement Order in Council after 1952.
A typical page from Schedule A of an OIC after 1952. Schedule A listed Indigenous persons or families who were being enfranchised
A typical page from Schedule B of an OIC after 1952. Schedule B listed Indigenous women who were being enfranchised because they had married a non-Indian status man. The minor unmarried children of the Indigenous woman were listed as they were enfranchised when their mother married.

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05.11 | 23:52

I'm looking for information on my father George Aliferis arrived in Canada around 1954 from Greece

20.07 | 12:43

This is SPECTACULAR! I can't wait to see the file.

20.07 | 09:38

Hello Judy! British subjects are not on these lists. Submit an Access to Information request to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Good luck!

19.07 | 23:37

I am looking for verification, that My great grandfather,William Kerr arrived in Canada from Scotland in 1938,or there about. He had family in B.C.

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