Indigenous Enfranchisement Orders in Council

Orders in Council Enfranchising Canadian Indigenous Persons

The Privy Council of Canada approved Orders in Council permitting Canadian Indigenous persons to become enfranchised starting with the Indian Act of 1876.  An enfranchised person lost their status as an Indigenous person once they were enfranchised. 

We have photographed these enfranchisement Orders in Council from 1878 to 1937 and indexed the names of the persons contained in them.  An alphabetical list of these names is at the bottom of this page.

We plan on photographing and indexing the names contained in the enfranchisement Orders in Council up to 1960.

To order a photograph of the enfranchisement Order in Council containing a name you see in the list at the bottom of this page or to ask any questions, please contact us at: 

We charge $10 to send a photograph of an Enfranchisement Order in Council. 

Below is an example of an enfranchisement Order in Council from 1929.  The name of the person has been blocked out for privacy reasons.

Bands and Agencies

The Indigenous persons named in the enfranchisement Orders in Council from 1878 to 1937 belonged to the following Bands and Agencies:


Alnwick              Alnwick



Ashcroft             Kamloops           

Batchewana       Garden River                                                    


Batchewana Bay              

Bay of Quinte Mohawk Six Nations         



Boston Bar         

Campbell River  Kwawkewlth

Cape Croker      

Cape Croker       Cape Croker

Caughnawaga    Caughnawaga   

Chipewyan         Fort Smith


Chippewa of the Saugeen           

Chippewas of Nawash   Cape Croker

Chippewas of Sarnia       Sarnia   

Chippewas of Sarnia      

Chippewas of Saugeen  Saugeen             

Chippewas of the Saugeen         

Chippewas of the Thames          

Chippewas of the Thames           Caradoc

Christian Island                 Christian Island

Clear Lake          

Cockburn Island               

Comox  Kwawkewlth


Cowessess          Crooked Lakes

Cree      Fort Smith


Day Star               Touchwood

Eagle Lake                          



Fisher River        Fisher River

Fisher River        Fisher River Indian Agency

Fisher River                       

Fort Alexander  Clandeboye

Fort Simpson     Skeena River     

Fort Willism       

Gambler's           Birtle               

Garden River     Garden River

Garden River     Sault Ste. Marie               

Garden River    

Georgina Island                                Georgina Island

Georgina Island               

Gibson  Parry Sound


God's Lake          Norway House

Gordon's             Touchwood       



Henvey Inlet      Parry Sound      

Henvey Inlet     


James Seenum

James Seenum Saddle Lake

John Smiths        Duck Lake

John Smith's      

Kispiox                  Babine

Kitwanga             Babine

Klaskino               Kwawkewlth

Lake Manitoba                  Manitowapah

Lake of Two Mountains                 Oka

Le Pas  

Little Saskatchewan        Manitowapah

Lower Mohawk                Six Nations         

Manitoulin Island Unceded         Manitowaning

Manitoulin Island Unceded        

Metlakatla          Skeena River

Michel Callihoo Edmonton

Michipicoten      Garden River

Michipicoten      Sault Ste. Marie


Mississagua of the Credit            

Mississaguas of Alnwick                Alnwick               


Mississauga of Alnwick                                 

Mississauga of the Credit            

Mississaugas      Alnwick               

Mississaugas of Alnwick                                Alnwick

Mississaugas of the Alnwick        Alnwick               

Mississaugas of the Credit           New Credit

Mississaugas of the Credit          


Mohawk of Hastings County      

Mohawk of the Bay of Quinte    Tyendinaga

Mohawk of the Bay of Quinte   

Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte  Tyendinaga

Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte 

Moose Lake       The Pas                                                           

Moravians of the Thames           

Mud Lake           

Mud Lake            Rice and Mud Lake

Mud Lake            Rice Lake            

New Credit        

New Credit         New Credit


Norway House  Norway House

Norway House                 


Oneidas of the Thames                 Caradoc

Oxford House    Norway House

Parry Sound       Parry Sound


Peepeekeesis   File Hills

Peguis   Clandeboye

Peguis   Fisher River       


Peguis   Fisher River

Peter Ballantyne              The Pas

Peter Ballendine             

Port Simpson     Skeena River


Rama     Rama

Red Rock             Port Arthur                        

Red Rock                            

Rice Lake            

River Desert       Maniwaki

Saddle Lake                      

Sandy Bay          


Sarnia    Sarnia

Sarnia    Sarnia Indian Agency


Saugeen              Saugeen

Serpent River    Thessalon

Sheshegwaning                                Gore Bay


Shoal Lake                           

Six Nations          Six Nations                                                 

Six Nations         

Slave No. 2         


Songhees            Cowichan

Spanish River     Manitowaning

Spanish River     Thessalon

Spanish River    

Spanish River No. 3         Manitowaning

Split Lake             Norway House 


St. Peter's           Clandeboye

St. Peter's           Fisher River       

St. Peter's                            

St. Regis                              

Sucker Creek    

Sucker Lake        Manitowaning

The Pas               

The Pas                The Pas


Thessalon            Sault Ste. Marie

Thessalon            Thessalon           

Tsitak    Babine

Upper Mohawk                Six Nations         


West Bay                             

West Bay             Gore Bay            

Whitefish River                 Manitoulin

Whitefish River                 Manitowaning

Whitefish River                                                


Wyandottes of Anderdon         

Indigenous Persons Who Were Enfranchised Between 1878 and 1937


Surname First Name
?? Francis Wilson
Ackabe Joseph
Adams Mary Jane
Adams Mitchell
Adams Noah
Ahenakew Albertine
Ahenakew Alexander
Ahenakew Elizabeth
Ahenakew Kenneth
Ahenakew Mary Serazine
Ahenakew Mary Serazine
Aikens Adeline
Aikens Clarence Daniel
Aikens Hector Alexander
Aikens Louisa
Aikens Robert James
Aikens Robert John
Aikens Russell Cleo
Aikens Wilford Angus
Aikins Alexander M.
Aikins Alexander Morgan
Aikins Charles Albert
Aikins Charles Martin
Aikins Helda
Aikins John Walter
Aikins William C.
Amegagabough Harvey
Amegagabough Levi
Amegagabough Levi
Amegagabough Mabel Elizabeth
Amegagabough Stella
Anderson Ethel
Anderson Herbert
Anderson Hiram
Anderson Ryerson
Anderson Thomas
Apequash George
Apequash James, Mrs.
Apequash Margaret
Apequqah James, Mrs.
Arnott Anna
Arnott Doris Loretta
Arnott John
Asham Charles
Asham James William
Ashquabe Benjamin
Assiginack Peter
Baibomcowai Louis
Ballendine Cornelius
Bamagesic George
Bamahezhik Carrie
Bamahezhik Irene
Bamahezhik Mary
Bamahezhik Robert
Bamakezhik David
Bamakezhik William
Barnhardt Charles
Barnhart Alice
Barnhart Alice Joyce
Barnhart Caroline Edith
Barnhart David John
Barnhart Florence Lavina
Barnhart Jacob M.
Barnhart James D.
Barnhart Joseph
Barnhart Joseph E.
Barnhart Joseph Edward
Barnhart Lillian
Barnhart Margaret
Barnhart Mary Elizabeth
Barnhart Norman
Barnhart Norman C.
Barnhart Robert John
Barnhart Susan Elizabeth
Barnhart Walter Charles
Bear Alexander
Bear John
Bear Samuel
Bearfoot Charles Alfred
Bearfoot Charlotte E.
Bearfoot Elam D.
Bearfoot James
Bearfoot Sylvester
Bearspaw Julia
Bearspaw King
Beaver Almira
Beaver Bernard
Beaver Catherine
Beaver Irene
Beaver Isaac
Beaver Myrtle E.
Beaver Osborne
Bedhedelhezez Gregor
Belanger Augustine Baptiste
Belanger Clara
Belanger Jerry
Belanger Joseph  
Belanger Joseph Patrick
Belanger Josette
Belanger Margaret
Belanger Peter
Belanger Thomas
Bell Joseph
Bell Mary
Belleau Frank
Belleau Louis
Belleau Michael
Bernard Catherine
Bernard Catherine
Bernard Mary
Bernard Michel
Big Canoe Enoch
Bignell Joseph
Billy Walter
Biron Alex
Biron Arbutus May Margaret
Biron Arbutus May Margaret
Biron Carmen Clarence
Biron Charles
Biron Clara
Biron Clara
Biron Clarence Nelson
Biron Clifford Merril
Biron Ellen
Biron Eugene Nelson
Biron Frank
Biron Franklin Edgar
Biron George
Biron Helen Loretto
Biron Helen Loretto
Biron James Henry
Biron John
Biron Joseph
Biron Joseph
Biron Katie
Biron Katie
Biron Leona
Biron Lucelle
Biron Mary Ida
Biron Percy
Biron Rose
Biron Stella May
Biron Vera Elizabeth
Black Richard, Reverend
Blais Alfred
Blais Cecelia
Blais Daniel
Blais Norman
Blaker Laura
Blaker Mae F.
Blaker Samuel
Boisenault Eli, Mrs.
Boisenault Eva
Boisenault Eva
Boisenault Rose
Boiseneault Eli, Mrs.
Boiseneault Eva
Boiseneault Eva
Boissenault  Teresa
Boisseneau Leo
Boisseneault  Vina
Boissoneau Clotilda
Boissoneau Frank
Boissoneau Lawrence
Boissoneau Muriel
Boissoneau Patrick
Boissoneault John F.
Boissoneault Michel
Bolton Peter
Bombry Nannie Genevieve
Bombry William George
Bouchard Leo
Bouchard Lloyd Thomas
Bouchard Mildred Evelyn
Bouchard Rita Plummer
Bouche Leonard
Bouche Luke
Bouche Mary Ann
Bouche Theresa
Bouche Tommy Aitkens
Boucher Alice
Boucher Frank
Boucher Joe
Boucher Xavier
Boulanger Essias
Boyd Henry George
Boyer Clifford Martin
Boyer Henry
Boyer Jennie
Boyer John Edgar
Boyer Joseph Raymond
Boyer Katherine
Boyer Mary Madelaine
Boyer Nellie Troudeau
Boyer Patrick
Boyer Wilfred
Bradley Ernest
Bradley Isaac
Bradley Mary
Brank Jake
Brant Abraham I.
Brant Alice M.
Brant Anna
Brant Cecil
Brant Clayton
Brant Clayton Roy
Brant Dorothy Ina
Brant Douglas
Brant Drummond Arvel
Brant Elda
Brant Elias
Brant Emmy Eldric
Brant Ethel Eve
Brant Fannie
Brant Flossie Margaret
Brant Flossie Margaret
Brant Franklin
Brant Hazel
Brant Herman Leslie
Brant Hilbert Lloyd
Brant Jacob
Brant Jacob B.
Brant Mary
Brant Mary Alice
Brant Mary E.
Brant Maud Evelyn
Brant Nelson
Brant Neoma Mary
Brant Sherman
Brant Stanley
Brant Stanley Edward
Brant Sylvester H.
Brant Valley
Brant Vera
Brant Vera Viola
Brant William McGiverin
Buller J. S.
Bumberry Austin
Bumberry Eleazor
Bumberry Nelson Ross
Bumberry Queenie Josephine
Bumberry Sarah
Burnham Angus
Burnham Doris Ethelan
Burnham Dudley Calvin
Burnham Earl Timothy
Burnham Ida Florence
Burnham Ivan Anderson
Burnham James A.
Burnham Nelles Alfred
Burnham  Daniel  
Burnham  Daniel E.
Burnham  George
Burnham  Gladys Muriel
Burnham  Lockay
Burnham  Lucy
Burnham  Thomas Henry
Burnham  Violet Pearl
Burnham  William
Burning Charlotte
Burning Edward
Burning Edward Morris
Burning Gertie
Burning Philip Wesley
Burning Russell Milton
Cadieu Louis
Cadieux Louis
Cadotte John
Callihoo Adolphus
Callihoo Andrew
Callihoo Daniel
Callihoo Henry
Callihoo Isadore
Callihoo Jimmy
Callihoo Pierre Joe
Callihoo Victoria
Callihoo Vital
Callihoo William
Cameron Fred, jr.
Cameron James
Cayer Kate
Cayuga John
Charles Herbert
Charles Mary
Chase Elma Eliza
Chase Mary Margaret Ann
Chase Minnie Amour
Chief Joseph
Chubb Alfred Jones
Chubb Benjamin
Chubb Mary
Chubb Mitchell
Clark Alexander
Clark Alexander
Clark Catherine H.
Clark Elmira
Clark George G.
Clark George G.
Clark James
Clark James A.
Clark James Alvin
Clark John F.
Clark John I.
Clark Joseph
Clark Joseph
Clark Joseph J.
Clark Joseph J.
Clark Mary Sabra
Clark Maud
Clark Peter D.
Clark Peter D.
Clark Peter D.
Clark Randolph G. H.
Clark  Alexander
Clark  George G.
Clarke Alex
Clarke Catherine H.
Clarke Elmira
Clarke James
Clarke Joseph
Clarke Joseph Jerome
Clarke Randolph
Clarke Sarah J.
Clarke  Alexander
Clarke  Alexander
Clarke  George G.
Clarke  George G.
Clarke  George G.
Clarke  James
Clarke  Joseph
Clarke  P. D.
Clarke  P. D.
Clarke  Randolph
Clarke  Randolph
Claus Alexander
Claus Arthur
Claus Bessie
Claus Clifford
Claus Donald
Claus Dorothy Tone
Claus Essie Eve
Claus Floretta
Claus Frank
Claus Gerald Weslie
Claus Gordon Alex
Claus Gordon Leo
Claus Hilda Florence
Claus Isaac P.
Claus Jemima Lucinda
Claus John Francis
Claus Kenneth Edward
Claus Lena
Claus Lillian May
Claus Margaret Ellen
Claus Marie
Claus Mary Florence
Claus Minnie
Claus Norman Ward
Claus Patricia Catherine
Claus Phoebe
Claus Reta Irene
Claus Ruby Margaret
Claus Ruby May
Claus Sarah
Claus Stafford 
Claus Stanley William
Claus Thomas
Claus William Harold
Clause Joseph
Clinch Barney
Clingersmith David
Cochrane Albert
Cochrane John
Cochrane Max
Cogiosh Abram
Cogiosh Mabel
Collins Adeline
Collins Caroline
Collins Charles
Collins Joseph
Collins Mary
Collins Simon
Collins Susan
Collins Susan
Cook David
Cook Ellen
Cook Emily Elizabeth
Cook George
Cook Irene
Cook James W.
Cook Jennie
Cook John
Cook John
Cook John Edward
Cook Lawrence
Cook Mary Jane
Cook Olive
Cook Percy
Cook Thomas Henry
Cook William
Cook Winnifred
Cooke Kathleen Edna
Cooke Minola Florence
Cooke S. D.
Copegog Joseph
Corbiere Agnes
Corbiere Clyde Oakley
Corbiere Eliza Egareen
Corbiere George J.
Corbiere Gertrude
Corbiere Harry Louis
Corbiere Henry
Corbiere Ida
Corbiere John Henry
Corbiere Joseph Nelson
Corbiere Mary Georgina
Corbiere Raymond Leo
Corbierre Emma
Corbierre Madeline
Corbierre Virginia
Cornelius Archibald
Courchene Frank
Cowie Mary
Crain Hazel
Crawford Cecil
Crawford Delbert John
Crawford Dora
Crawford Eleanor
Crawford Elizabeth
Crawford Elmer 
Crawford Frank Burnard
Crawford Harry N.
Crawford Hattie Matilda
Crawford Helen Cecilia
Crawford Herbert
Crawford John
Crawford Mabel Edna
Crawford Marjorie
Crawford Mary Ann
Crawford Mary Cassie
Crawford Muriel Evelyn
Crawford Olive Elizabeth
Crawford Percy Gilbert
Crawford Percy Overton
Crawford Raymond Ross
Crawford Robert
Crawford Robert Clinton
Crawford Ruby Geraldine
Crawford Thelma Marie
Crawford Wilbert Elgin
Crawford Wilfred
Crawford Wilfred Cecil
Crawford Winnifred Myrtle
Cromarty Gordon
Cromarty Samuel
Crowe William
Culbertson Clinton Earl
Culbertson Dorothy May
Culbertson Pearl
Culbertson Peter Clinton
Culteetsum James  
Curley Alice
Curley Arthur M.
Curley Emily
Curley Etta May
Curley Frederick Russell
Curley Gordon
Curley Ida Pearl
Curley Jacob
Curley James Allan
Curley Mary
Curley Mary L.
Curley Minnie
Curley Ray
Curley Rebecca
Curley Ross
Curley Solomon
Curley Susana Matilda
Curley Susana Matilda
Curley Viola Gertrude
Curley Ward
Curley Ward
Curran William L.
Cusick Thomas A.
Daniels Gregoire
Daniels John James
Daveaux Arthur Hyacinthe
Daveaux Arthur Hyacinthe
Daveaux Arthur Hyacinthe
Daveaux Catherine
Daveaux Charles
Daveaux Charles
Daveaux Charles
Daveaux Charles Louis
Daveaux Charlotte
Daveaux Charlotte
Daveaux Charlotte
Daveaux Claire
Daveaux Claire
Daveaux Claire
Daveaux Joseph
Daveaux Joseph
Daveaux Joseph
Daveaux Joseph Arthur
Daveaux Mae
Daveaux Mae
Daveaux Mae
Daveaux Margaret Mary
Daveaux Mary Gamache
Daveaux William Edwin
Davis Cecilia V.
Davis Edith L.
Davis Ina
Davis John F.
Davis Joseph Luke
Davis Joseph R.
Davis Josiah
Davis Louisa
Davis Louisa
Davis Lydia
Davis Mary M.
Davis Philip Henry
Davis Rena
Davis Stella May
Davis Walter Sydney
Day Frank
Day Peter J.
Deaffie William
Decaire Alex. W.
Decaire Grace
Decaire Henry
Decaire Ila
Decaire John Wesley
Dee Fanny W.
Delaronde Daisy Martha Jane
Delaronde Joseph
Delaronde Joseph John Leige
Delaronde Madeline Louise
Delorme Peter
Deschamps John Edward
Dewasha Jackson
Dicker Abraham
Dicker Annie Cole
Dicker Elinore Faubert
Dicker Maxine Maximilien
Doolittle Ada
Doolittle Beulah Ray
Doolittle George W.
Doolittle James Vernon
Doolittle John
Doolittle Kenneth
Doolittle Rhoda Ann
Doolittle Violet Ada Lulu
Doxtater David
Doxtater Gertrude
Doxtater Howard
Doxtater Joseph
Doxtater Lavina
Doxtater Leslie
Doxtater Nora
Doxtator Samuel
Dubois Bernard
Dubois Fred
Dubois Harold
Dubois Kathleen Davis
Dubois Margaret Rose
Dubois Rose
Durie Gordon
Durie Harold
Durie Mary Elizabeth
Durie Roy
Durie William Augustus
English Esther
English John
English John
English Margaret
Ense John P.
Ense Michel
Ense Theresa
Esquimaux John
Evans Charles
Everett James
Everett John Robert
Everett Joseph A.
Fallardeau George
Favel Catherine
Favel Eliza Elizabeth
Favel Irene Laura
Favel Thomas
Fisher Nelson B.
Flett Harold Thomas
Flett Henry
Flett Irene Agnes
Flett Joseph George Charles Paul
Flett Nellie
Flett Norbert
Flett William
Flett William
Flett William Robert
Foote Richard
Ford John
Ford John
Fox Francis John
Francis Joseph
Frank Xavier
Froman Frank Wilfred
Funn Charles
Garlow Andrew
Garlow Angus
Garlow Bessie
Garlow Evelyn Mary
George Andrew Benjamin
George Frederick James
George James Francis
George Thomas Seymour
Gibb Andrew
Gibb Ann Adelaide
Gray Julia
Gray Robert, jr.
Green Adam
Green Adam
Green Alexander B.
Green Alphraetta
Green Annie
Green Annie
Green Augustus Clayton
Green Daniel T.
Green David
Green Edith
Green Edith Emily
Green Edna Belle
Green Eliza Jane
Green Emily
Green Ethel Sadie
Green Evelyn Sarah
Green Florence
Green George
Green Gordon  
Green Gordon Donald
Green Hanna
Green Harold Morris
Green Isaac D.
Green Jennette Junita
Green Jessie P.
Green John
Green John Llewellyn
Green Joseph
Green Joseph
Green Joseph
Green Josiah
Green Laurine Fannie
Green Lillian Rose
Green Lizzie Edna
Green Lorna Norma
Green Louisa
Green Lydia
Green Mary
Green Mary Catherine
Green Mary Hazel
Green Nettie Evelyn
Green Pearl
Green Ralph Lloyd 
Green Robert John
Green Robert W.
Green Sarah
Green Thomas D.
Green Thomas Edwin Rae
Green William
Groat Edward
Groat George
Groat Irvene Catherine
Groat Samson
Groat Sarah
Groat Stanley Irving 
Grosbeck Daniel
Gunion Emma
Harris Ambrose
Harry Thomas
Hart Willie N.
Henderson John
Henry Eagle Lake
Henry Eli
Henry Henrietta
Henry Katherine
Henry Lydia Minerva
Herkimer Elsie
Hill Alexander  
Hill Anne Hazel
Hill Arnold
Hill Clarence
Hill Daisy May
Hill Daniel C.
Hill Daniel I.
Hill David T.
Hill Dolly
Hill E. Pearl
Hill Edna C.
Hill Edward
Hill Ellwood Darwin
Hill Emily
Hill Fannie
Hill Frank  
Hill George
Hill George
Hill George Edward
Hill Gerald
Hill Gordon
Hill Hanie
Hill Hanie
Hill Harry
Hill Ida
Hill Jacob
Hill Jasper
Hill Jesse Jacob
Hill Jessie Alice
Hill Jessie Bell
Hill John A.
Hill Lavina
Hill Liona
Hill Malcolm
Hill Margaret
Hill Matthew
Hill Norman
Hill Rena
Hill Robert
Hill Samuel A.
Hill Sarah
Hill Verna
Hill Violet
Hill William Howard
Hill William J.
Hill Willliam
Hill Wilma
Holmes Benjamin
Hope John
Hope John G.
Horney Elsie
Horsman Ora
Hudson Charles
Hudson Mary
Hunt William
Hunt William
Hunt William
Hunt William
Irvine Clifford
Irvine John
Isaac Clifford Charles
Isaac Herbert  
Isaac Herbert W.
Isaac Rubie Alice
Isaacs Chester L.
Isaacs Harriet Adelaine
Jackson Alexander Henry
Jackson John
Jackson Margaret Rosalie
Jackson Mary Elsie
Jackson Mary F.
Jackson Vincent
Jacobs Bertha
Jacobs David
Jacobs Edith
Jacobs Eva
Jacobs Francis Wilson
Jacobs Henry Wilson
Jacobs Herbie
Jacobs Iva
Jacobs John
Jacobs Joseph
Jacobs Lydia Hendrick
Jacobs McKinley
Jacobs Richard
Jamieson Charles
Jamieson Clara
Jamieson Melvyn Russell
John Charles, jr.
John Edna
John Hattie
John Isaac
John Joseph
John Lenora
John Solomon
Johns Alpheus
Johns James Albert
Johns Joseph Stanley
Johns Orville
Johnson Anthony
Johnson Clara J.
Johnson Daisy
Johnson Delphine
Johnson Ella Peters
Johnson Ellwood James
Johnson James
Johnson James
Johnson James E.
Johnson John R.
Johnson Martha
Johnson Robert
Johnson Ruby Alvira
Johnston E.
Jonathan Edith C.
Jonathan Edmund E.
Jonathan Edward
Jonathan Louisa Nettie
Jones Charles Augustus
Jones Edna Maud
Jones Ida
Jones Laura E.
Jones Mabel
Jones Mary
Jones Maud Elizabeth
Jones Peter Alfred
Jones Peter Alfred
Jones Victor Charles
Jordon John Tabate
Kabeshkang Clara
Kabeshkang Grace
Kahgee Amos
Keeshig Lawrence A.
Key Eli
Kezhikgobness John
King Addie
King Alexander
King Alice Vivian
King Charles Andrew
King Charlotte Ann
King Ellen
King George Joseph
King George Joseph
King John Wesley
King Lucedia Ann
King Nancy Grace
King Susanna Elizabeth
King Warner John
King William
King William Wilfred
Kipling George Alexander
Kippling Philip
Knott Samuel
Kokopsing Susie
Lacelle Delilia
Lacelle Leonard
Lacelle Louisa
Lacelle Robert
Lacelle Sadie
Lacelle Samuel
Laforce Annie
Laforce Doris Eve
Laforce Lillias G.
Laforce Lucy
Laforce Mabel R.
Laforce Thomas
Laforce Winnifred Hazel
Laform Albert Nelson
Laform Beatrice Evelyn
Laform David John
Laform Evelyn Elizabeth
Laform John Nelson
Laforme Daniel
Laforme Marie Agnes
Lafort Harriet
Lake Charlotte
Lamorandiere George
Latham Anna
Latham Arthur
Latham Charles Alexander
Latham Clara Milvina
Latham Delancy
Latham Elsie
Latham Elsie Victoria
Latham Florence
Latham Frances May
Latham Frank
Latham Frank
Latham Gussie
Latham Harry
Latham James
Latham John
Latham Lizzie Belle
Latham Mary
Latham Mary Ellen
Latham Mary Ellen
Latham Melvina
Latham Russell
Latham Thomas W.
Latham William James
Latham William Thomas
Launiere Phileas
Laurent Andrew
Lavasseur Harry
Lavasseur Nancy
Laviolette Napoleon
LeClair Alexander
Leclair Alfred James W.
Leclair Annabella
Leclair Catherine
Leclair Cyril
Leclair Frederick
Leclair Frederick
Leclair George
Leclair Gladys
Leclair James
Leclair Joseph Rollad
Leclair Luther
LeClair Margaret
Leclair Mary  
Leclair Mary Elizabeth
Leclair Roy
Leclair Victor
Leclair Violet
Leclair Walter Alexander Leonard
Leclair Wilfrid
Leighton Robert L.
Lepine John Baptiste
Lesage Antoine
Lesage Edna
Lesage Frank
Lesage Harold
Lesage Henry
Lesage Leonard
Lewis Alexander Carson
Lewis Beatrice Waddilove
Lewis Benjamin
Lewis Clarence
Lewis Creighton William Kennedy
Lewis Freeman
Lewis John Lindsay
Lewis John Wesley
Lewis Ruby
Lewis Solomon Tobedening
Lickers Abraham Milton
Lickers David Andrew
Lickers Elijah Gordon Clifford
Lickers Ellen Isabel Harriet
Lickers Ewart Melville
Lickers Joseph
Lickers Leo Garnet
Lickers Lionel Albert
Lickers Livingston Foster
Lickers Margaret
Lickers William Foster
Loft Eugene
Logan Andrew
Logan Andrew Clifford
Logan Goldia Evelyn
Logan Harold Elwood
Logan Irene Clara Bell
Logan Lillian
Logan Raymond
Logan Vera Ramay
Longfish Levi
Lottridge Gertrude
Lottridge Helen Brookfield
Lottridge Maxine Idell
Lottridge Robert H.
Louis Edna
Louis James
Louis Lucy Cariboo
Louis Marjorie Elizabeth
Louis Thomas
Loukes Gerald Ross
Loukes James Jacques
Loukes Jean
Loukes Lois Jean
MacDougall John T.
MacDougall Mabel
Macklin Elizabeth Jane Simpson
Macklin Oliver L.
Madwayosh Ambrose Shields
Madwayosh Beatrice Elinor
Madwayosh Glenholme
Madwayosh Henry Wellington
Madwayosh Luicie Katherine
Madwayosh Theodore Henry
Maracle Abram L.
Maracle Ada Maie
Maracle Agnes
Maracle Alexander
Maracle Archie
Maracle Bertha
Maracle Clayton
Maracle Clayton M.
Maracle Daniel
Maracle Daniel
Maracle Daniel
Maracle Elias
Maracle Elizabeth
Maracle Elizabeth May
Maracle Elva
Maracle Emerson Roy
Maracle Frances Eva
Maracle Goldie
Maracle Grace
Maracle Helen Fula
Maracle Jacob
Maracle Jake
Maracle James
Maracle John Edward
Maracle Joseph
Maracle Leo Sidney
Maracle Leonard
Maracle Lula
Maracle Maida L.
Maracle Melinda
Maracle Muriel Thelma
Maracle Nelson
Maracle Oliver Nesbitt
Maracle Rose Stella
Maracle Sanford Allie
Maracle Stewart
Maracle Thomas W.
Maracle Viola
Maracle William H.
Maracle Wilson, jr.
Marsden Bruce
Marsden Charlie
Marsden Christopher
Marsden Elizabeth Jane
Marsden Leslie
Marsden Norman
Marsden Wallace
Marsh Charlotte
Martin Albert Edward
Martin Albert Edward
Martin Catherine
Martin Catherine
Martin Charles
Martin Eddie
Martin Edward
Martin Ellsworth
Martin Fred
Martin Geraldine Frances
Martin Harold Earl
Martin Irene Leonora
Martin John Lawrence
Martin Josephine Mary
Martin Kathleen Mary
Martin Leeming F.
Martin Lilian Russell
Martin Lyman Earl
Martin Lyman Earl
Martin Oliver Milton
Martin Robert
Martin Ruth Carrie
Martin Violet Grace
Martin Virginia
Martin William E.
McCorrester Mortimer
McCoy Alex
McCoy Aloysius
McCoy John B.
McCue Thomas Bertram
McDonald James
McDonald Marion
McDonald Roderick Stanley
McDougall Ella Alcistia
McDougall Lorne Frank
McDougall Lorne Frank
McDougall Melvin John
McDougall Myrtle May Louise
McDougall Thomas M.
McGillvary Fred
McGregor Raymond
McGuire Victoria
McGuire Victoria
McKay Noel
McKay Philip
McKee Mary
McKee Mary   
McKenzie S. E., Mrs
McNaughton Ashton
Medjaki John
Medwayosh Maud Trimble
Megwans Angeline
Megwans Peter
Mejaki Stephen
Mejaki William
Merasty Thomas Daniel
Michaud Doris Beatrice
Michaud Elizabeth
Michaud Eugene Francis
Michaud Frank
Michon Henry
Michon Mary
Michon Xavier Francis
Miron Blanche Elizabeth
Miron Charles
Miron Charles, jr.
Miron Ellen Driver
Miron Florence
Miron Herbert
Miron Irene Marie
Miron Joseph Thomas
Miron Mary Irene
Miron Norah Mae
Miron Rose
Miron Viola
Monkman John
Monture Joseph Corbett
Monture Mabel J.
Monture Marguerite Emily
Monture Mary Elizabeth
Moore Kenneth
Mooso A. T.
Mulwain Alfred
Mulwain Percy
Muskratt Isaiah
Muzier Agnes
Muzier Charlotte
Muzier Joseph
Muzier Joseph
Muzier Josephine
Muzier Lena Schmidt
Muzier Lena Schmidt
Muzier Margaret
Muzier Margaret
Muzier Margaret
Nadjiwan Violet
Nadjiwon Felix
Nahmabin Flora
Nahmabin Fred
Nahmabin George F.
Nahmabin Mary
Nahmabin Stafford
Nahmabin Stephen
Nahwahgezik Samuel
Nash Noah
Negawinina Adam
Negonnewinah Beatrice
Negonnewinah Joseph
Nelson Charles
Newman Herbert
Noah Adeline
Noah Alfred W.
Noah Allan Harold
Noah Archie, Mrs.
Noah Arthur
Noah Daniel
Noah Elizabeth
Noah Ernest Donald
Noah Irene
Noah James Bernard
Noah Jane Margaret
Noah Jesse B.
Noah John
Noah Lilly
Noah Orlaf Melvin
Noah Stella Sophia
Noah Zimmer E.
Nolan Albert
Nolan Clement
Nolan Henry
Nolan Joseph
Nolan Lloyd
Nolan Luella
Nolan Mary Amelia
Nolan Rita Jeanette
Nolan Veronica
Nolan Viola Doris
Norton John Henry
Obe George
Obe Moses
Obotossaway Albert Allen
Obotossaway Albert Lloyd
Obotossaway Alexander Wilson
Obotossaway Bertha May
Obotossaway Cecelia Grace
Obotossaway Charles Albert
Obotossaway Clifford Oscar
Obotossaway Edna Frances
Obotossaway Ethel Isabel
Obotossaway Frederick
Obotossaway Henry
Obotossaway James
Obotossaway James Victor
Obotossaway Jessie
Obotossaway Lena
Obotossaway Lila Irene
Obotossaway Lorenzo Leonard
Obotossaway Mary
Obotossaway Norman
Obotossaway Reuben Henry
Obotossaway Robert James
Obotossaway William
Obotossoway Alexander
O'Connor Joseph
Oig Alfred J.
Oig Ellen Victoria
Oig Lorna Helena
Oig Melita Murial
Oig Preston James
Olsen Agnes Melinda
Olsen Edward, jr.
Olsen Lawrence
Oquais Fred
Oquais Mary
Oquais Richard
Oquais Thomas
Oquais Tommy
Ostiquanish Joe Charlie
Paibomsai Mildred May
Pakoo Joseph P.
Parker Frederick Andrew
Paudash Andrew
Pedoniquot Charles
Pelitier Alexander
Pelletier Magdalena Mary Wawashkesh
Peltier Ignatiur
Penassie Antoine
Penassie Elixabeth
Perrault William
Perreault Edward Joseph
Perreault Frank
Perreault Louisa Batchelor
Perreault Peter
Peters Betsy
Peters Charles
Peters Dean
Peters Edna
Peters Ezra
Peters Francis
Peters Ida May
Peters Irvine C.
Peters John E.
Peters Lavinia
Peters Mabel Elvira
Peters Mabel Evelyn
Peters Martha
Peters Martin Julius
Peters Martin Stanley
Peters Matilda
Peters Muriel
Peters Sanderson
Peters Theresa
Pierre Bert J.
Pollock Reuben
Port Irene
Powless Austie Melvin
Powless Francis Norval
Powless Harold Dean
Powless Healthena
Powless Hughie Norval
Powless Ina
Powless Joseph
Powless Lulu Ethel
Powless Marion
Pratt Charles Cowley
Prince David Abraham
Prince Joseph
Prince Rufus
Ramon Christine
Ramsey Julia
Rat John Cumming
Redsky Edward
Reil William
Remon Christeen
Rennie Dorothy
Rhodes Bessie
Rhodes Fred Emmerson
Rhodes George
Rhodes Irene
Rhodes John R.
Rhodes Louis Henry
Rhodes Mabel Cassie
Rhodes Rody Ann
Robinson John
Robinson Thomas
Rocque Francis Julian
Rodd Cecil
Root Eleanor
Root Helen Marjorie
Root Joseph
Roque Alexander
Roque Andrew
Roque Andrew J.
Roque Charles J.
Roque Daniel
Roque Edward
Roque George
Roque Herbert Dominic
Roque Louis
Roque Margaret M.
Roque Martin
Roque Matilda
Ross Philip
Rudland Reginald
Russ Elsie Edna
Russell Elsie
Russell Ethel
Russell Harriett
Russell Jennie
Russell John
Russell Leslie W.
Russell William L. G.
Salt Allan
Salt Charles jr.
Salt Lillian Agnes
Salt Maria
Salt Maria
Salt Roy
Salt Wellington
Sam Mary Patricia
Sam Matthew
Sampson Charles
Sampson David
Sampson David
Sampson Lewis
Sampson Nancy
Sanderson Harvey Aldous
Sanderson M.
Sanderson Mary Ann
Sanderson Mary Irene
Sanderson Maurice Alan
Sanderson Robert Machray
Sanderson Thomas Clifford
Sanderson William Leslie
Sankey Alfred
Sault Viola
Sayer Edward
Sayers Edward
Sayers James, jr.
Sayers James, jr.
Sayers Robert
Schilling James
Scott Frank
Scott Henry
Scott Lawrence
Sebewai Joseph sr.
Sero Hardy
Sero Ida May 
Settee Albert James
Settee Alexander
Settee Alfred
Settee Catherine
Settee Henry
Settee Herbert
Settee Lucy
Settee Mary Jane Jemima
Settee Norman
Shanks Margaret
Sherry Elleda
Sherry James Gordon
Sherry Martin
Sherry Oliver
Shewatahgun Catherine
Silver Alfred
Silver Grace
Silver Hiram
Simons Levi
Sinclair Alfred Charles
Sinclair Alice
Sinclair Colin
Sinclair Ethel
Sinclair Florence
Sinclair Garnet
Sinclair Henry James
Sinclair Horace
Sinclair Lorina
Sinclair Mary
Sinclair Roderick
Sinclair Ruby
Sinclair Stanley
Sinclair Vera
Singleton David Clifford
Singleton Frank
Singleton George F.
Singleton Ignatius
Singleton Jessie M. Collins
Slater Albert Edward
Slater Alice Cathleen
Slater Caroline Grace
Slater Frances Mary
Slater George
Slater Henreitta Rose
Slater Henrietta Rose
Slater James Glen Campbell
Slater Liby Victoreen
Slater Lydia Vivian
Slater Margaret Mira Maude
Slater Martha Helen
Slater Myrtle Maude
Slater William George Hanley
Smart Edith
Smart Edith May
Smart Thomas
Smith Alfred J.
Smith Arthur L.
Smith George E.
Smith Gordon Stanley
Smith Nelles
Smith Norman R.
Smith William
Smith William Clark
Smoke Albert
Smoke Albert
Smoke Frank
Smoke Kathleen
Snyder Elizabeth
Solomon Alexander
Solomon Dominic
Solomon Eldred
Solomon Francis David
Solomon Frank
Solomon Isabelle
Solomon Joseph H.
Solomon Mamie
Solomon Myrtle
Solomon Neulette
Solomon Peter Joseph
Solomon William
Solomon Xavier
Souliere Angeline
Souliere George
Spence Charles S.
Spence Frank W.
Spence John Rupert
Spence Nellie
Spence Stanley
Splitlog Alexander Mathias
Splitlog Ann Adelaide
Splitlog Israel
Splitlog Israel J.
Splitlog Israel J.
Splitlog Israel J.
Starr Jacob
Steinhauer Rev. Egerton Ryerson
Steinhauer Wesley Bird
Steinhauser Winnifred
Sterling Wallace L.
Sterling Wallace L.
Stevenson Benjamin
Stevenson James
Stevenson McClure
Stevenson Philip
Stevenson Roderick, jr.
Stevenson Thomas George
Stevenson Victoria Lillian
Stevenson Walter
Stevenson William James
Stonefish Daniel
Stonefish Earl Marshall
Stonefish Eva
Stonefish Hazel Teresa
Stonefish Joel
Stonefish Mareda Mae
Stranger Robert William
Sunday Wilford Russell
Sutherland Eliza
Sutherland George jr.
Sutherland Harold Thomas
Sutherland Magnus James
Sutherland Maria Jane
Sutherland Nancy
Sutherland Thomas G
Swanson Jude
Syrette Frank
Tanner Arthur
Thebo Alfred Augustine
Thebo William
Thickfoot Thomas
Thomas Caroline Sarah Rushton
Thomas Charlotte Miller
Thomas Elias
Thomas Frances
Thomas James F.
Thomas James Raymond 
Thomas John Henry
Thomas Melville
Thomas Norman
Thomas Robert
Thomas Wellington
Thomas William
Thompson Bertha May
Thompson James Edward
Tobacco Elijah
Tobacco Philip
Tobacco Robert
Tobias Bernard Calvin
Tobias Bernard Calvin
Tobias Bertha Keturah
Tobias Betsy Josephine
Tobias Betsy Josephine
Tobias Carl Henry
Tobias Chester Elmer
Tobias Chester Elmer
Tobias Doris Helen
Tobias Gottlieb
Tobias Margaret Helen
Tobias Mildred
Tobias Reuben Elliott
Tobias Reuben Elliott
Tobias Robert
Tobias Sarah Helen
Tobias Sarah Helen
Tobias Willis N.
Tobias Wilson Marshall
Tobicoe Hiram
Tobicoe Mamie
Trindle David
Vincent Olivier
Waboos Joseph
Wagoosh Adam
Waindubence Daniel
Walker Mildred May
Walkhouse Gabriel
Warrow Christina Genevieve
Warrow Esther Adella
Warrow Euphemia
Warrow Genevieve
Warrow Genevieve
Warrow Joseph
Warrow Joseph
Warrow Joseph
Warrow Joseph
Warrow Joseph
Warrow Joseph
Warrow Lewis
Warrow Lewis
Warrow Lewis
Warrow Lewis
Warrow Lewis
Warrow Lewis
Warrow Lewis J.
Warrow Lewis James
Warrow Philomene
Warrow Rhoda Ella
Warrow Stella Genevieve
Warrow Theodore Urial
Warrow Thomas
Warrow Thomas
Warrow Thomas
Warrow Thomas
Warrow Thomas  
Warrow Thomas  
Warrow Thomas M.
Warrow Walter Wayne
Warrow William
Wassigijig Edward
Watt Alexander
Waukay William
Wells Augusta Wawanosh
Wells Charles Prest Wawanosh , Reverend
Wells Edward Wawanosh
Wells Edward Wawanosh
Wells Henrietta Augusta
Wesley Salome
Wesley Viola Jean
Whetung George
Whetung Joseph
Whetung Lavena
Whetung Ryerson
White Alexander
White Alexander
White Alexander
White Alexander
White Amos
White Angelique
White Elmer E. S.
White Elmer S.
White Hazel
White Helen E.
White Helen Eugenie
White Helen Eugenie
White James A.
White Joseph
White Joseph
White Joseph
White Joseph
White Joseph
White Joseph
White Joseph
White Joseph
White Joseph
White Joseph  
White Joseph jr.
White Joseph, jr.
White Louis Charles
White Mabel
White Margaret A.
White Mark M.
White Mary A.
White Mary E.
White Mary Evangeline
White Mary L.
White Mitchel
White Peter
White S.
White S.
White S.
White Solomon
White Solomon
White Solomon
White Solomon
White Solomon
White Solomon H.
White Thomas Arthur
White Thomas B.
White Thomas B.
White Thomas B.
White Thomas B.
White Thomas B.
White Thomas B.
White Thomas B.
White  Alexander
Whiteway Alexander
Whiteye Nathaniel
Wigwass Archie John
Wigwass Beatrice Victoria
Wigwass Harriette Ducharme
Wigwass Rose Catharine
Wigwass Thomas Henry
Williams Amy Edith Lillian
Williams Harvey Herbert
Williams Herbert P.
Williams Ignatius Kenneth
Williams Isabel Patricia
Williams Lloyd Palmer
Wilson Beatrice Irene
Wilson Christina
Wilson Edward
Wilson Ethel
Wilson Hannah
Wilson Henry
Wilson Jack
Wilson James Edward
Wilson Jeremiah
Wilson John
Wilson Mary
Wilson Rosie
Winnie Clara
Winnie Jacob
Winnie Jacob
Winnie Lucy
Winnie William
Wood Bertha May
Wood Helen Irene
Wood Marguerite Olive
Wood Stanley McLean
Yellowback Jonas
York William

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17.09 | 11:54

Looking for information regarding the arrival of my mother-in-law, Rozelle M Metcalf (ne Jouanny) during WW II. Arrived in Montreal. This is all we know

16.09 | 10:26

Hi Holly, I will send you an email shortly. If we have information about your grandpa maybe the spelling of his name was different. Thanks!

16.09 | 09:04

I am.looking for information on the surname Piatocka, it was my grandpas last name, I dont know mucn about him but I know his parens were born in the ukraine

17.05 | 08:46

Je suis à la recherche de ALBOU Meyer, Edmond. Il a été opticien à Touon (Var)
FRANCE. Il est né en Tunisie.
Bien cordialement

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