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These are the names of women and children approved by the Privy Council to leave Canada by ship between 1942 and 1946 with Exit Permits. 


These lists of names are contained in Orders in Council of the Privy Council of Canada.

If the name you are looking for is shown below on this page, please send us an email at

We will email you photographs of the list that contains the information about your ancestor. Here are photographs of a sample Exit Permit list.

If you are unable to open the photographs, are not satisfied with the quality of the photographs, or the information contained in the list is not about your ancestor, you do not have to pay us.

We charge $15 CAD (Canadian Dollars) for Canadians and $15 USD (American Dollars) for all others customers to provide all the photographs containing information about your ancestor. Payment is by Interac money transfer, cheque, or money order.

This list is organized by Surname first, and then First name, and a Middle name if applicable.

  • Abbott Melba MacMillan
    Acheson Anne Elizabeth
    Acheson Catherine M.
    Ackerman Frederick Daniel
    Ackerman Robert Nathaniel
    Adams Annie Ethel
    Addison Grace Alexandra
    Aitken Margaret
    Aitkin Kate Scott
    Akerley Margaret E.
    Akkerman J. M.
    Amey Rose Lilian
    Anderson Anne Graham
    Anderson Hanna
    Anderson Hilda Mary
    Anderson Margaret More
    Anderson Mary Donaldson
    Anderson Mrs. A. Ross
    Anderson Rita Evelyn
    Andrews Irene Louise
    Anthony Helen Dorothy
    Anthony Mildred Izelda
    Antill Muriel
    Archer Mabel Rutherford
    Armstrong Margaret Isabel Jane
    Armstrong Margaret Isabel Jane
    Arthur Margaret C.
    Ashlin Michael C. D.
    Atherton Emily
    Atkinson Joan
    Austin Mary Ann
    Avon Ethel W.
    Ayres Maud

    Babineth Kathryn Fedak
    Baglow Elizabeth
    Bagrie Annie
    Bailey Ivy
    Baillie Janet Neilson
    Baillie Jean
    Baker Kathleen
    Baldock Elsie May
    Baldwin Betty Jean
    Ball Dorothy May
    Bamforth Zelda Patricia
    Barber Jessie Kent
    Barber Nigel Barry
    Barber Rosemary
    Barham Kathleen
    Barham Mary Margaret
    Barker Grace C.
    Barnard Mrs. L.
    Barnes Hilda Mercy
    Barnes Hilda Merey
    Barnsley Mabel
    Barr Elizabeth
    Barrett Clara Joan
    Barringer Constance L.
    Barringer Lalage Theodora
    Barson Brenda Iris
    Bartlett Alice
    Barton Mabel Gertrude
    Barton Margaret
    Barwell Gloria
    Barwick Stella K.
    Bastien Doreen
    Bastien Janette Loraine
    Bastien John Collin
    Bastien Kenneth
    Batchelor Alice M.
    Battersby Bertha
    Baum Mary A.
    Baxter L. D. M.
    Bayley Josephine
    Beaton Ada Mary
    Beattie Phillip
    Beaudry Geraldine
    Beauregard Anna Marie
    Beeson Martha Katherine
    Begg Beverley Ann
    Begg Elsie
    Bell Anne G.
    Bell Edith May
    Bendall Doris
    Benner Joan M.
    Bentsen Kirsten
    Bentsen Sonja Unn
    Bernhardt Mary Brown
    Beyer Karen Marie
    Bibby Rhoda
    Biermans Berthe
    Binet Enid Egerton Roberts
    Binnie Isabella Watson
    Birch Selina
    Black Jean Shaw
    Black Katherine Simpson
    Blacklock Pamela B.
    Blackwell Joyce Mary
    Blake Helen Sarah
    Blizard Ethel M.
    Block Hertha Marie
    Boudreau Edna Jane
    Bouin Adrienne
    Bourbonnais Alice Irene
    Bower Flora Grace
    Bowkett Lydia D'Arcy
    Boxall Mildred J.
    Boxer Mrs. L.
    Boyer Alice Jane
    Bradley Densal Isobel
    Bradshaw Dorothy Grace W.
    Bradshaw Peter Martin Devenish
    Bradshaw Roberta Anne
    Brady E. L.
    Bremner Angela Joy
    Bremner Kathleen Joyce
    Brereton Prudence Catherine
    Brinkworth Helen Blanche
    Brinkworth Helen Blanche
    Broadfoot Marcella
    Broadfoot Marcella Mason
    Brodeur Maud Mary
    Brookes Violet M.
    Broughton Edith Mary
    Brown E. M.
    Brown Emma Jane
    Brown Evelyn M.
    Brown Hilda C.
    Brown Phyllis Mary
    Browne Annie Patrick
    Browne Florence M.
    Brownfield Wilhelmina
    Brownlee Esme
    Bruce Elma Margaret
    Brumby Eliza May
    Brunet Christine
    Bryan Caroline Teresa
    Bubniuk Irene Olga
    Budarick Ivy M.
    Budd Mary Ann
    Buhlmann Rebecca Ann
    Bull Jean Blanche
    Burgoyne Peter Nicholas
    Burke Adelaide M.
    Burness Jeannette
    Burns Catherine
    Butcher Edith
    Butler Daphne
    Butterworth Emily
    Butterworth Winifred G. W.
    Byford Agnes Margaret

  • Caldwell Mary
    Cameron Ida
    Cameron Jean Campbell
    Cameron Margaret
    Campbell Agnes
    Capreol Joan
    Cardinal Louise
    Carefoot Elizabeth Jane
    Carroll Alice
    Carroll Emily
    Carter Mary Ann
    Castle-Burns John Charles Goodenough
    Catchpole Margaret Eleanor
    Cathcart Alice
    Cattermole Hilda G.
    Ceeley Thelma
    Cessford Alexa
    Chambers Frances
    Chambers Martin
    Cheresniouski Marie
    Christie Charlotte
    Christie Freda
    Christie Mary Burns
    Clark Florence
    Clark Jean Gwendolyn
    Clark Jessie Wishart Murray
    Clark Leonora
    Clarke Frederick George
    Clarke Gertrude E.
    Claydon Patricia Mary
    Clayton Elsie
    Cleugh-Fair Jessica Helen
    Clough Donna Sue
    Cluney Dorlien
    Cochrane Eileen N.
    Cochrane Jessie
    Coker Rose
    Coldrick Dorothy Reta
    Cole Eva
    Coleman Florence M.
    Collins Barbara F.
    Colquhoun Jean M.
    Colwell Alice
    Coney Joyce B.
    Cook Jessie
    Cook Margaret Edith
    Cooper Gladys M.
    Cooper Jean
    Corbett Mrs. John
    Corless Caroline Zora
    Corston Heather Elizabeth
    Corston Margaret
    Cote Marjorie
    Cotton Helen Mary
    Courthope Joan Aylmer
    Cowan Jessie Muriel
    Cowan Stewart McGregor
    Cowper Kate
    Crace Alice Beatrice
    Craigen Helen S.
    Crawford Agnes Hotson
    Crawford Edith Mary
    Crawford Helen Couper
    Crawford Nellie
    Cresswell Kenneth
    Cresswell Mrs. Edith May
    Cresswell Peter
    Cresswell Reginald
    Croal Elizabeth
    Croll Shirley
    Crookes Eleanor Ann
    Cross Myrtle M. E.
    Crossey Helen
    Crossey Helen
    Crowle Laura
    Currie Agnes
    Curtiss Lena
    Cusden Sarah
    Cyr Annette
    Daintrey Mary Young
    Daley Margaret
    Daley Mary
    Daniel Sophie
    Davidson Kathryn A.
    Davidson Patricia Munro
    Davies Elsie
    Davies Gwyneth Ann
    Davis Helen May
    Davis Joan Beryl
    Davis Margaret
    Davis Vera K.
    Dawson Minnie Selina
    Day Dorothy Young
    Daykin Vena W.
    de Longchamp Adrienne
    de Worms Baroness Nora Winifred
    DeHauffe Hortense
    Delaye Alice M.
    Denbigh Maureen Lillian Kathleen
    Deschamps Annette
    Dewar Etta M.
    Dewhurst Mabel Elizabeth
    Dickson Gladys Mary Fuller
    Diewert Lillian
    Dill Ann
    Dill Elizabeth
    Dill Gwendolyn
    Dipper Florence
    Doering Ora
    Doherty Hugh
    Donald Agnes
    Donnelly Mary Grace
    Donnelly Patricia Berri Mary
    Dougherty Lily M.
    Douglas A. Vibert
    Downing Gwendoline
    Draayer Bergliot Marie
    Drake Celma Annie
    Drake Frances Barbara
    Dresch Dorothy
    Dresen Erna Elizabeth
    Drever Mrs. John
    Drew Lily F.
    Drew Pamela May Winifred
    Drexel Mary R.
    Drury Diana
    Drury H. A. K.
    Drury Jane
    Drury Leith
    Dubuc Marie
    Duffield Winifred Nellie
    Duggan E. S.
    Duncan Margaret Downie
    Dupuis Madeleine
    Durkin Elizabeth
    Durost Dorothy M.

  • Easy Thora Yvonne
    Eckford Louisa Ellen
    Edgell Lucy E.
    Edwards Betty Dorothea
    Edwards Daisy
    Edwards Eluned
    Edwards Pauline Elizabeth
    Edwards Phyllis Doreen
    Edwards Rosemary D. M.
    Egerton Effie Beverley
    Elden Frances E.
    Ellenson Marguerite
    Elliott Enid Flora
    Elliott Florence M.
    Elliott Mary
    Elliott Robert John
    Elms Christopher John Deryck
    Elms Joan Yvonne
    Elphick Sylvia E.
    Emery Lucy Smith
    Enright Mary Greham
    Erickson Melva G.
    Evans Catherine Elizabeth
    Evans Dr. Ella
    Evans Eileen A.
    Eyre Annie Chisholm
    Fakas Victoria
    Falconer Lily Jane
    Falkiner Mary Baldwin
    Farquharson Mary
    Farries Marguerite
    Fellowes Beatrice Mary
    Felotick Olga Marie
    Feltham Bessie
    Fenton Margaret
    Ferguson Donald Russell
    Ferguson Donald Russell
    Ferguson May M.
    Ferguson Rita
    Ferguson Rita
    Ferrier Irene M.
    Ferrier Mary Gordon
    Ferron Gertrude
    Fife Eleanor F.
    Finnerty Mary
    Fitch Ethel M.
    Fladager Verdeena Isobel
    Fleckner Dorothy M.
    Fleckner Nigel
    Fleming Catherine C.
    Fletcher Madge
    Flett Vida
    Flynn Phoebe
    Forbes Agnes
    Forrester Betty Louise
    Forrester Graeme
    Forrester Judy
    Forsyth Ellen Judith
    Foster Avis Jane
    Fox Edith Jane
    Fox Edith Ruth
    Francis Ruth Marion
    Frankland Mary K.
    Frazer Mrs. Thurlow
    Freeman Audrey D.
    French Ethel May
    Friemark Alfrieda
    Frost Edith Elizabeth
    Fyshe Bessie

  • Gallagher Elizabeth
    Gallagher Mary Flora
    Gamble Margaret
    Garden Christina
    Gardiner Florence
    Gardner Madeline
    Garrison Florence Jean
    Garvin Elizabeth
    Gaston Louisa H.
    Gault Dorothy B.
    Gelber Anna David
    Geldard-Brown Mabel
    George Clara
    Gerard J.
    Gerin-Lajoie Andree
    Germain Marguerite
    Germain Marguerite
    Germunstad Martha
    Gerrish Anthony John
    Gerrish Dorothy May
    Ghent Mildred G.
    Gibb Dorothy
    Gibb Richard
    Gibbings Daisy
    Gibbons Jean F.
    Gignac Bryan Mark
    Gignac Marietta Daisy
    Gignac Patricia
    Gilbey Eliza Jane
    Gillard Mary Victoria
    Gillett Eva Joyce
    Gilmour Jessie Thomson
    Gladstone Doreen
    Gladstone Nora
    Glover F. C.
    Godbolt Joyce
    Goldring Ernestine Audrey Anne
    Goldring Marion Stephanie
    Goodwin Helen McKenzie
    Goodwin Heloise J.
    Gore Ellen
    Graham Miriam G.
    Grange Mary Harriet
    Gratten Winnifred F. W.
    Greathed Edward Donald
    Greatrix Margaret
    Green Alice
    Greene Bessie
    Greening Mary Florence
    Gregory Margaret
    Grierson Elizabeth
    Guttman Janette L.
    Guttman Tannis Mara
    Hacon Maude Eunice
    Hadfield Lillie Ann
    Haeberlin Gretel
    Haggerty Evelyn Frances
    Hall Nan E.
    Hallam Ethel
    Hamill Ellen
    Hammond Ruth Elenor
    Handford Muriel
    Hanna Mary Helen
    Hannah Beatrice Harriet
    Hardwick Annie E.
    Hardwick Muriel
    Harkness Winnifred
    Harris Elizabeth H.
    Harris Ena Hilda
    Harris Lydia Jane
    Harris Mildred Helen
    Harris Patricia Ann
    Harris Jane
    Harrison E. Lois
    Harrison Irene
    Harrison Juliet Mary
    Harrison Veronica Anne
    Hartland Edith Jane
    Hartling Lilian A.
    Hartney Helen Louise
    Harvey Grace McLean
    Harvey Phyllis
    Harvey Winifred Lilian
    Harvie Jean
    Hatfield Margaret Ruth
    Hawes Barbara Mary
    Hawes Florence Jessie
    Hawes Jane Eleanor
    Hawkins Margaret
    Hawryluk Eleanor
    Hawryluk Nellie
    Hayes Mina
    Haysmith Beatrice
    Hayward Beatrice
    Haywood Emily Mary Margaret
    Heafield Adaline
    Heaton Kathleen Monica
    Hector Ida Georgina
    Hedberg Thelma A.
    Hegan Margaret
    Hegan Mary Elizabeth
    Heiland Bertha Emilie
    Henderson Catherine E.
    Henderson Jean Harriet
    Henderson Jean Harriet
    Henderson Ruth Alice
    Herington Isabelle S. Trudgett
    Hewitt Alice
    Hewitt Emily
    Hewitt Fanny M.
    Hickey Kathleen
    Hicks Mary Elizabeth
    Hill Patricia I.
    Hinton Annie
    Hinton Winifred
    Hislop Jean C.
    Hobbs Eliza
    Hodgkins Lucy
    Hodgson Mary
    Hogan Patricia
    Hogg Mary J.
    Hogg Nicholas McL.
    Holloway Muriel E.
    Holmes Annie Mary
    Holmes Ruth Marjorie
    Holt Annie
    Holt-Newell Bronwen
    Hooper Florence Louisa
    Horner Rebecca
    Horses Daisy
    Houldsworth Frederica
    Hounam Elsie Isabella
    Hounsell Daisy Florence
    Howard Edith Shears
    Howard Ella Florence
    Howard Margaret T.
    Howarth Elinor Maude
    Hughes Isabella
    Humphrey Dr. Barbara M.
    Humphreys Eva
    Hunt Eveline
    Hunt Grace V.
    Hunter Janet Mitchell
    Hurley Eileen
    Hurley Kathleen
    Hussey Edna Margaret
    Hussey George Reddington
    Hutchcroft Ethel Marguerite
    Hylton Lily W.
    Ideson Margaret Ann
    Ince Moya Katherine
    Ingamells Irene
    Inglis Jane
    Inshaw Mary Rennie
    Inskip Alice Sophia Mary
    Ireland Florence W.
    Isidor Beverley Joan
    Isidor Lila Pearl
    James Sheila Elizabeth
    Jamieson Doris
    Jamieson Isabella
    Jamieson Sarah
    Jarvis Elizabeth Jane
    Jeffery Dorothea P. A.
    Jenkins Eva K.
    Jessen Agnes
    Johannson Gudrun
    Johnsen Jorgine
    Jolly Gladys Margaret
    Jones Annie Jane
    Jones Eilleen Maclean
    Jones Ethel Annie
    Jones Helen V.
    Jones Kate Elizabeth
    Jones Marjorie S.
    Jones Minnie Frances
    Jones Muriel O.
    Jones Ruth Esther
    Josephs Hetty
    Joslin Frances E.
    Jupp Dorothy J.
    Jupp Joan May
    Jutte Carol Mavis
    Kalika Viola
    Kamen Norma
    Kamen Norma
    Kane Dorothy Carmel
    Katan Mary Ann
    Keddy Muriel
    Keiller Grace
    Keith Margaret
    Kelly Mary Elizabeth
    Kelly Patricia
    Kelly Anne Helen
    Kelly Mary Ann Marguerite
    Kelsey Ella Mae
    Keppy Helen Jane
    Kerby Dorothy Winifred
    Kerby Harold Royden Michael
    Kerr Barbara Gladys
    Kerr Irene Lucy
    Kerr Mary
    Key Barbara Elizabeth
    Key Marion L.
    Kidd Irene Gwendolen
    Kidd Rosemary Dorothy
    Killam Yvonne Minnie
    Kinnear Audrey E.
    Kirk Anne
    Kogan Frances
    Korning Margaret Anne
    Kyle Mary F.
    La Morre Audrey Marie
    Laba Elizabeth
    Laba Michael
    Laba Patricia
    Laba Richard
    LaGrandeur Esther Fay
    Lakin Ethel M.
    Lamb Christina
    Lang Ann Rosalie
    Lang Betty Joy
    Lang June Irene
    Lang Naomi H.
    Langdon Marie E.
    Langille Hal Graham
    Langille Marjorie Blair
    Langille Roland Arthur
    Languedoc Jehanne Drury
    Lapointe Jeanne
    Lapsley Elizabeth
    Lapsley Walter Alexander
    Large Isabel
    Larose Marie-Helene
    Lathe Margaret
    Lathe Robert David
    Law Mary Gray
    Lawrence Ivy Marjorie
    Lawson Mary
    Laxton Frances Childs
    Le Couvie Mabel
    Leach Dorothy E.
    Leadbetter Elizabeth
    Leduc-Pelletier Alexandrina
    Legate Mary Evelyn
    Leggett Beryl Matilda
    Leitch Martha Jean
    Leonard Gladys E.
    Lester Edna
    Letten Brian
    Letten Lilian
    Lettner Elisabeth Dee
    Lettner Helen Forbes
    Lettner Katharine Frances
    Lewis Margaret Edith
    Lifton Frances Lillian
    Liggett Brian
    Liggett Doris
    Little Christine M.
    Little Kathleen M.
    Lockie Jessie
    Lomax Clara
    Lonergan A. H.
    Low Davina
    Lucas Dorothy Frances
    Lumsden McOvie
    Lund Pamelia
    Lunn Joan
    Lyall Ida M.
    Lymer Gordon Douglas
    Lymer May

    Additional Names
    Women and Children
  • MacAskill Ada
    Macbeth Mary E.
    Macdonald Aileen
    MacDonald Iola
    MacDougall Isabel
    MacGregor Mrs.
    MacIntosh Jean Catherine
    MacIntosh Jean Catherine
    MacIntyre Marie Helen
    MacIvor Frances Cecil
    MacKay Josephine Helen Ann
    MacKay Mary Joan
    Mackenzie Jean
    MacKenzie Lela B.
    Mackie Mary Cordelia
    Mackie Yvonne
    MacLean Mary A.
    MacLennan Margaret Watson
    MacLeod Doris Margaret Chapman
    MacMillan Eluned Jane
    MacMillan Margaret Olwen
    MacPherson Helen
    Maher Barbara Ann
    Maher Elsie M.
    Malone Ethel Evelyn
    Malone Georgia Mary
    Malone Mrs. Paul
    Manson Helen
    Marschner Violet Gilles
    Marshall Jessie
    Marshall Joyce
    Marshall Margaret
    Marshall Mary L.
    Martens Edna L.
    Martin Edith
    Martin Eunice
    Martin Robina
    Marvin Evelyn Gronow
    Matthewman Hannah
    McAleer Ethel G.
    McCallum Ellen May
    McCarthy Eva M.
    McClune Barbara
    McClune Barbara Anne
    McComb Glenna Jean
    McConnell Annie J.
    McCracken Mollie Jean
    McCullagh Mary
    McDermott Eileen Margaret
    McDermott Mary
    McDonald Alice Elizabeth
    McDowall Janet I.
    McGauchie Elizabeth
    McGillivray Mary Bruce
    McGregor Ann Smith
    McIvor Margaret
    McKee Margaret Louisa
    McLaughlin Anne Elizabeth
    McLellan Georgina
    McLellan Grace Catherine
    McLellan Iain Allan
    McLennan Catherine May
    McMahon Susan
    McManus Mary-Etta
    McManus Mary-Etta
    McNaughton Isabella
    McRobbie Helen
    McVetty Elizabeth
    Medine Janet Kennedy
    Meldrum Margaret
    Mercer Jane
    Methven Catherine Haig
    Miller Catherine
    Miller Gordon Alexander
    Miller Isabella Drysdale
    Miller Jean McMillan
    Miller Margaret
    Miller Marion Stephanie
    Mills Janet
    Millward Joyce Eileen
    Milne Isabella P.
    Milne Marie
    Milnes Zeta
    Milroy Elizabeth Ferguson
    Milsom Sheila Elizabeth
    Milthorp Florence Evelyn
    Milton Sarah Margaret
    Mintram Catherine A. L.
    Mitchell Elsie
    Mitchell Evelyn D.
    Moffit Margaret W.
    Moll Josephine A.
    Moonie Lillian Esme
    Moore Lillian Grace
    Morison Isabel Douglas
    Morland Annie
    Morris Winnifred
    Morrison Beatrice C.
    Morse Mary E. A.
    Morton Alan Whitman
    Morton Barbara Maxwell
    Morton Brian Christopher
    Morton Elizabeth
    Morton Jay Charles
    Morton Mrs. Robert
    Morton Thelma May
    Mosher Winnifred Lillian
    Mott Ivy Mabel
    Moxon Mary R.
    Muir Helen M. J.
    Muir Augusta E.
    Muirhead Florence L.
    Munn Euphemia
    Munn Ian Douglas
    Munn Robert Collier
    Munro Mary Elizabeth
    Murphy Susanna
    Murray Alistair Hugh Garnet
    Murray Charlotte
    Murray Dorothy
    Murray Jean L.
    Murray Jean Macdonald
    Murray Kevin Douglas
    Musgrove Amelia Thompson
    Musker Evelyn M.
    Muxlow Edith
    Myles Elizabeth
    Nash Lois Wanda
    Nauss Doris G.
    Needles Lauranna Marie
    Nelissen Renee
    Nelson Alice Mary
    Nelson Vilda
    Nesbitt Louise
    Niblett Myrtle
    Nickson Frances
    Nicol Helen Wilhelmina
    Nicolson Phyllis Rae
    Nightingale Geraldine Sophia
    Niven Mary Pauline
    Norman Margaret K.
    Norris Veronica Margaret
    Nunn Violet E.
    Nutter Jean Ann
    O`Brien Josephine M.
    O'Brien Eva M.
    O'Connor June B.
    Ogilvie Alice
    Ogilvie Elsie
    Ogilvie Frances Mary
    Ogilvie Joan
    Ogilvie Lilian
    Ogilvy L. Kathleen
    Ogilvy Robert F.
    O'Halloran Aileen
    Oland Margaret Helen Jean
    Oldham Heather Patricia
    Olding Kathleen Phyllis
    Oldroyd Marjorie Norah
    Oligny Odette
    Oliphant Agnes A.
    Onions Barbara
    Ooshakoff Gemma Alma
    Osborne Edna Viola
    O'Shaughnessy Eliza A.
    Osline Hulda
    Oughton Edith Emma
    Overweg C.
    Owles Gladys Eileen
    Pacaud Helen
    Packenham Grace Elizabeth
    Paine E.
    Palmer Dorothy Alice Ellen
    Palmer Ethel Maud
    Palmer Winifred P.
    Park Beatrice Eleanor Primrose
    Parker Hilda
    Parke-Taylor Mary
    Parke-Taylor Mary
    Parry Freda
    Paskell Ruth
    Patenaude Jehane
    Paterson Elizabeth Black
    Paterson Mary
    Patterson Diana Mary
    Paxton Emmeline
    Paxton Jessie
    Peake Janet
    Peake Judith Virginia
    Peasey Mrs. R. F.
    Peebles Jessie
    Pelat Germaine
    Pender Catherine B.
    Pender William Lyall
    Penfound Millicent Annie
    Penny Mary Katharine Helen
    Perrault June
    Perron J. Helena
    Peterson Bernice O.
    Phillips Joan G.
    Pickering Helen Elizabeth
    Pilcher Hilda
    Pinch Elizabeth A.
    Pitt Clara
    Pitt Elsie Anne
    Ploc Elena May
    Polasek Teresa C.
    Pollinger Florence Elizabeth
    Pond Annie
    Poole Susanna Grace
    Poole William Eric Christopher
    Porter Margaret Muir
    Porter Ruth H.
    Potter Mary Isabel
    Potticary Rita Margaret
    Prang Margaret Evelyn
    Pratt Margaret Elizabeth
    Price Helen McCallum
    Price Lois G.
    Prince Betty
    Prior Susan O.
    Provencher Annette
    Prower Eva Ellen
    Pryce Irene F.
    Rahme Barbara M.
    Rahme Mary E.
    Randall Cecilia
    Raynard Mildred J.
    Reburn Janetta Ellen
    Rees Florence E.
    Reeve Kate
    Reeve-Newson Jessie E.
    Reid Charlotte M.
    Reid Florence
    Reid Frances Elizabeth
    Reid Mary Anne
    Reith Edna Margaret
    Ricard Ruth
    Richards Viola Cavell
    Riches Kathleen Hilda
    Riddell Margaret Christina
    Ridge Alice Louise
    Riese Laure
    Rigaux Andree
    Rigby Letitia
    Rits Aline
    Roberts Dora
    Roberts Doreen
    Roberts Kenneth Alfred
    Roberts Lillian
    Robertson Banhana A.
    Robertson Christina S.
    Robertson Ethel G.
    Robertson Louisa Mary
    Robinson E. Joan
    Robinson Margaret M.
    Robinson Mary
    Roblin Eva Margaret
    Robson Janette M.
    Rodd Anna Estelle
    Rodd Elizabeth M.
    Rogers Eva
    Rondeau Donna Mernett
    Rondeau Grace
    Rose Michael Frederick
    Ross Dorothy T. E.
    Ross Shirley Isabel
    Rousseaux Odette Marie
    Rowe Gladys
    Rub A. V.
    Russell Frances
    Rutherford Rachel
    Ryan Joan

    Additional Names
    Women and Children
  • Saker Mary G.
    Sandercock Daphne
    Sandilands Dorothy Mary
    Sandilands Joyce Hope
    Sangster Clara
    Savage Evelyn V.
    Savage Marion Creelman
    Scarrow Bertha Muir
    Scarrow Bertha Muir
    Schofield Ethel Madeline
    Schreibman Eva
    Scott Emma Elizabeth
    Scott Ethel
    Scott Margaret Elsie
    Scrafton Margaret
    Sedgwick Elizabeth May
    Servant Amie
    Shanklin Alberta Lola Jane
    Shannon Edna Ellen
    Shaw Dorothy
    Shaw Edith Ramsay
    Sheppard Catharine Darby
    Shewan Primrose
    Short Evelyn Olive
    Short Margaret Anne
    Silver Molly
    Simmons Sarah
    Simon Elsa
    Sinclair Dorothy
    Sister Marguerite-Marie Denis
    Skeoch Ragnhildur Halldorsson
    Smith Dinah
    Smith Ethel Marie
    Smith Helen
    Smith Ida Elizabeth
    Smith Ida Vivienne
    Smith Iris Olive
    Smith Ivy
    Smith Margaret
    Smith Margaret Ann
    Somerville Kathleen
    Soonias Martha
    Soulsby Mary
    Souness Helen
    Speight Winifred Mary
    Spray Rosaleen
    Stankus Charles Joseph
    Stankus Sophia
    Stanton N. A.
    Stapleton-Cotton Lillian
    Steele Elsie
    Steele Margaret Helen
    Steele Minerva
    Steeves Milla Ruth
    Stevens Ellen Mary
    Stevens Helen Mae
    Stewart Lucy Rowena
    Stocks Catherine
    Stone Jean
    Stonehouse V.
    Strachan Sara Louise
    Straetmans Magdalena Catharina
    Straetmans Peter Frank John
    Summersides Martha L.
    Sutherland Evelyn Frances
    Sutto Renee
    Sutton Lily L.
    Sutton Sarah Ann
    Swain Frederick
    Swann Violet G.
    Tash Freda
    Taylor Anna
    Taylor Gertrude Emily
    Taylor Jeannie C.
    Taylor Lilian
    Taylor Rosemary F.
    Taylorson Bertha
    Tester Dorothy Mary
    Thargreaves Richard
    Thayer Margaret
    Thayer Pamela Margaret
    Theobald Laurie W.
    Thomas C.
    Thomas George David
    Thomas Gerda Isobel
    Thomas Mrs. Hugh John
    Thompson Ann
    Thompson Charlotte
    Thompson Doris Eileen
    Thompson Mrs.Claude Stanfield
    Thomson Marion
    Thorburn Mary
    Thorsteinson Mildred E.
    Thwaites Ruth
    Tianen Ida
    Tibbetts Beatrice May
    Tillman Frances Geddes
    Tillman Karen Louise
    Timerman Alice L.
    Tingley Marion
    Tinkess Alice Mary
    Tipple Dorothy C.
    Todhunter Beatrice A.
    Toner Sarah
    Tones Anne Smith
    Tooker Frances E.
    Torrie Caroline DeLancey
    Tough Helen Valerie
    Trafford-Owen Marjorie
    Transue Josephine Anne
    Transue Margaret Anne
    Travers Isabella
    Trimble Annie Winnetta
    Tudor Eunice M.
    Turnbull Gael Lundin
    Turner Irene C.
    Turner Katherine
    Turner Katie Rozella
    Turner Olwen Margaret Ann
    Turner-Brown Edith Honor
    Turton Harry M. S.
    Twelvetree Kate
    Twigger Frances Joan
    Tyler Lydia Currie
    Unwin Ethel Elizabeth
    Uprichard Elizabeth Muriel
    Urquhart Hilda M.
    Van Josephine Margaret
    Van Mary Kathleen
    Vanier Jacques
    van't Hoff Bertha J. M.
    Verner Sybil
    Vernon Sarah
    Vidito Kathryn Evangeline
    Villa Luce
    Villa Pierre
    Villa Therese
    Wait Shirley
    Walker Elizabeth
    Walker Hannah Henderson
    Walker Janet
    Walker Kathryn
    Walker Lady Juanita Mary
    Wallace Ruth Irene
    Wallen Elise D.
    Wallis Annie Louisa
    Walmsley Minnie
    Walton Mary Elaine
    Ward Dorothy de Fermain
    Ward Edith
    Ward Edith Annie
    Ward Elizabeth
    Warren Mary
    Warwick Edith
    Wasson Channell Mott
    Wasson Grace Channell
    Wasson Zoe Ann
    Watkins Mary Muriel
    Watson Annie
    Watson Beryl
    Watson Catherine A.
    Watson Gertrude Mary
    Watson Lilias
    Watson Shirley E.
    Watt Isa
    Weare Lilly
    Webster Jessica
    Weir Ellen MacDougal
    Weir John
    Welch Felice Micaela
    Welch Felice Micaela
    Werman O.
    Whalley Elizabeth
    Wheeler Ada Lillian
    Wheeler Eileen M.
    Wheeler Irene Dorothy
    Wheten Barbara Ann
    Wheten Daisy Jean
    Whetstone Amy Cooper
    Whipple Mavis N. A.
    White Alice Lillian
    White Dorothe
    White Elizabeth
    White Mrs. R.
    Whitehead Joan
    Whitesmith Jessie Marion
    Whitton Mrs. J. V.
    Whorley Margaret
    Wickey Emily Elizabeth
    Wiggins Alice
    Wilkins Daisy
    Wilkinson Alma Norma
    Wilkinson Elizabeth Janet
    Williams Ethel Louise
    Williams Peggy
    Williams Winnifred
    Williamson Mary Lillian
    Willis Ethel
    Wilson Geraldine Mary
    Wilson Imelda L.
    Wilson Irene Lillian
    Wilson Jocelyn Neil
    Wilson Joyce Patricia
    Wilson V. Stewart
    Winn Florence
    Wintrob Gertrude
    Wiseman Claire
    Withell Priscilla Ruth
    Wolfe Dora
    Wood Margaret A.
    Woods Diana Desiree Lindsay
    Woodside Doris
    Woolard Vera J. C.
    Woolley Kate Caroline
    Woolliams Helen M.
    Wright Avril L.
    Wright Beatrice M.
    Wright Betty M.
    Wright Helen Marjorie
    Wright Mabel Janet
    Wright Olive
    Wrigley Agnes Ross C.
    Wrigley Marie-Louise
    Wrigley Richardson Gordon
    Wyatt Florence M.
    Yolles Elizabeth
    Young Alberta K.
    Young Anna Elizabeth
    Young Christina
    Young Jean C.
    Young Jessie Ferres
    Young Lorna M.
    Young Margaret McCrae

    Additional Names
    Women and Children

Names of Women & Children

  • Alderson S. G.
    Allen A. Derek
    Andrews C. F.
    Anson Donald
    Ashworth George
    Atkinson John C.
    Audus Ronald
    Baglow R. L.
    Bailey W. A.
    Bain J.
    Ball J. E.
    Barber J. D.
    Barnett R. E.
    Bartle William
    Bax Ernest H.
    Beckett Thomas R.
    Beddle S. E.
    Beer Fred W.
    Begg Dr. R. W.
    Begg Dr. R. W.
    Bell Donald
    Bell N. E. J.
    Benn Anthony
    Bennett R. W.
    Bernhardt Edmund
    Bernstone Charles
    Birkett C. Blair
    Blair D. G.
    Bliss F. C.
    Blouin Avila
    Boreham H. E.
    Bourthoumieu Georges C. R.
    Boxer Dr. Louis
    Boyle L.
    Bradley Agnes
    Bremner Dr. Walter Vernon
    Bremner Dr. Walter Vernon
    Brennan D. G.
    Brentwall G. R.
    Bridges L. G.
    Brindley W.
    Brobyn F. C.
    Brown A. R.
    Brown Edgar
    Brown J. A.
    Brown F.
    Burnett Dr. Ralph Dillon
    Bushell A. W.
    Butler John D.

  • Cameron D. C.
    Cameron Ewen W.
    Cameron W. H. Morton
    Cammell Kenneth Albert
    Campbell Leslie R.
    Carlisle F. W.
    Chamberlain William
    Chambers Alan
    Chambers Alan
    Child R. A.
    Chivers W. H.
    Christieson David
    Clark Francis
    Clark Francis
    Clarke Peter M.
    Cloney T.
    Close Walter A.
    Clough P. A.
    Clough P. A.
    Clyde C.
    Coates F.
    Cochrane Hugh
    Cochrane Hugh
    Cohen Jules
    Cohen Jules
    Coleman D. C.
    Coleman H. T.
    Colley N. S. C.
    Collins F. N.
    Connelly Andrew
    Cooper W. F. H.
    Corbould C. J.
    Corlett T. E.
    Corston J. McD.
    Corston J. McD.
    Courthope J. E. K.
    Cox R. P.
    Crawford J. J.
    Crew Norman
    Cross C.
    Croucher Peter
    Culleton N. J.
    Cumberlege E. C. W.
    Cunniffe Thomas
    Curran Frederick
    Curtis Kenneth
    Cusden Rev. R. A. J.
    Dall J. N.
    Davidson John
    Davidson N. E.
    Davies William
    Davis Dr. John
    Davis R. E.
    Davis Robert Weir
    Davis Kevin Lyle
    Dawes Reginald
    Dawson S. H.
    Day C. J.
    Day E. J.
    Day L. E. J.
    Daykin A. D.
    Daykin T. R.
    de Bremaeker Jean Francois Eugene
    De Lom T. C. B.
    deLom T. C. B.
    Dewar D. E.
    Dickins Ian D.
    Dickins Ian D.
    Dix L.
    Doherty H. J.
    Donnelly Thomas
    Doyle Christopher
    Drain G. S.
    Drever John
    Drury D. M.
    Drury D. M.
    Drury D. M.
    Drury D. M.
    Dryer E. A. B.
    Duddy P. G.

  • Eastwood W. S.
    Eden D. H.
    Edgar Rev. M. C.
    Edwards G. C.
    Edwards W. E. W.
    Egerton George
    Elms G. H.
    Elms G. H.
    Evans Dr. Sidney
    Evans J. W. Lloyd
    Ewens R. H.
    Farmer A. R.
    Farquharson R. A.
    Farquharson R. A.
    Farr P. W.
    Ferguson Rev. Alexander
    Finchh E. V.
    Fingard Ernest
    Ford J. L.
    Forrester V.
    Forrester V.
    Forrester V.
    Fountain Wilfrid
    Fowler D.
    Frampton George
    Frazer Thurlow
    Freeman R. R. E.
    Frith G.
    Fyshe T. G.

  • Additional Names
    Women and Children

    Gardiner James G.
    Garner G. A.
    Garside D. A.
    Gault Hamilton
    Gerin-Lajoie Paul
    Gibson J.
    Gifford Thomas
    Gilmour Joseph Adams
    Ginn James
    Glover G.
    Godfrey John R. R.
    Goldsmith W. L.
    Gooding Cecil J.
    Gordon A. W. K.
    Gorman Patrick
    Gough J. W.
    Gough J. W.
    Grant Thomas Mathison
    Gray Allen
    Gray Kenneth
    Gray Larry
    Greathed B. W.
    Green D. F.
    Green R. S.
    Greenaway Kenneth G.
    Gregory George
    Grey Alexander
    Griffin A. V.
    Grigg R.
    Grynberg Mojzesz
    Gunnion V
    Guttman Dr. A.
    Guttman Dr. A.
    Halls Frank
    Hamill Thomas
    Hannelly W. J.
    Hansom Tom
    Hanson D. F.
    Harper A. D.
    Harris J. H.
    Harrison W. P.
    Hartrix Alec
    Harvey F. M. W.
    Haxby W. T.
    Haynes J. W.
    Hibbert John
    Hill C. L.
    Hine J.
    Hoban D. G. H.
    Hobby J. A.
    Hodges Stanley T.
    Hooper Lloyd
    Hounsell Edgar
    Howard Charles W.
    Howlett P. A. T.
    Hubbard E. E.
    Hubbard E. E.
    Hunt Allan W. J.
    Hunt J. B.
    Hunt Patrick T.
    Hyett S. A.
    Ingamells J. C.
    Jackson M. W. G.
    James G. C.
    James K. A.
    Jamieson J. B.
    Jefferies Ivor L.
    Jenks L. F.
    Johnstone R. S.
    Jones B. R. P.
    Jones C. V.
    Jones George A.
    Jones W. R.
    Karro Ivan
    Karslake Frank
    Kearley C. W.
    Keep Dennis
    Kelley Dr. Arthur
    Kelley Dr. Arthur
    Kelly Jim
    Kelso Bert
    Keppy Donald Alexander
    Kerby H. W.
    Kerby H. W.
    Key J. S.
    Key J. S.
    Killam Ralph J.
    King C. W. D.
    Knaifl K.
    Knight A. R.
    Korning J. E.
    Laba Michael Roy
    Laba Michael Roy
    Laba Michael Roy
    Laba Michael Roy
    Lapham Eric F.
    Lathe Grant
    Lathe Grant
    Lavery F. G.
    Lawrie James
    Lennox I.
    Levy P. A.
    Lingard P. R.
    Lingard P. R.
    Linton Grant
    Littlewood J.
    Lloyd P. J. E.
    Lomax Hugh
    Loverock C. V.
    Lowndes C. H.
    Lucas Andrew
    Luden S.

  • Additional Names
    Women and Children

    MacDermott Michael J.
    MacDonald Dr. Stewart A.
    Macdonald J. M.
    Macfarlane Ronald
    MacGregor Dugald
    MacIvor Frances Cecil
    MacKay A. M.
    MacKay A. M.
    Mackay Donald G.
    MacKinnon Neil
    MacMillan Dr. R. L.
    MacMillan Dr. R. L.
    MacPhail Alexander
    Mallaby Howard George Charles
    Mallinson Thomas
    Malone Dr. George
    Malone Dr. George
    Malone Paul
    Mann Charles
    March Eric N. W.
    Marchent John
    Marshall Maurice
    Martin E. W. F.
    Mathison W.
    Matthews S.
    Maxwell A. G.
    Mayberry W.
    Maynard John
    McCarthy Ben
    McCarthy Ben
    McDonald N. V. C.
    McFarlane C. J.
    McKenzie D. E.
    McKeown Lesslie
    McKinley William
    McKittrick J.
    McLellan John
    McPherson Alexander
    McVaney W.
    Medine S. M.
    Middleton S.
    Miller Donald W.
    Miller Donald W.
    Miller Donald W.
    Miller W. R.
    Miller W. R.
    Mills R. R.
    Mills T. L.
    Mitchell Kenneth
    Morchain G. J. A.
    Morgan E. J.
    Morley G. J.
    Morrey D. W.
    Morris William Henry
    Morton N. W.
    Morton N. W.
    Morton N. W.
    Moynihan M. J.
    Murdoch R. S.
    Murphy J. C.
    Murray James
    Murray John H.
    Murray John H.
    Nevdal Kaare
    Neville H. C.
    Nichol J. A. Colin
    Nixon D. F.
    Nutley Alice Mary
    O'Carroll W. F.
    O'Connor W. J.
    Ogilvie Frank
    Ogilvy Robert F.
    Ogilvy Robert F.
    Oland R. H.
    Oliver W. R.
    Omerod Chris
    Page J. N.
    Park James C.
    Parke-Taylor Rev. Geoffrey
    Parke-Taylor Rev. Geoffrey
    Parkinson W. W.
    Parsons C. J.
    Paterson A. W.
    Paull H.
    Payne J. W.
    Pedder Ronald W.
    Pegler H. G.
    Pender C.
    Penrose Dr. L. S.
    Perry C. J.
    Peters L.
    Phelan William
    Phillips E. B.
    Phinn Eric John
    Pike Thomas
    Pinson C. S.
    Pirie A. F.
    Pitt Tom
    Poole Eric
    Powell H. J.
    Pratt G. A.
    Purvis Arthur J.
    Quigley Frank
    Ramesar Simon
    Rankin H. J.
    Read James
    Reavill R. O.
    Ree R. A.
    Richards O. H.
    Riches B.
    Rickard M. G.
    Ridealgh Wilfrid
    Ridgard M.
    Riding J. L.
    Riding R. H.
    Robb W. M.
    Robbins Thomas
    Roberts J.
    Robinson George W.
    Robinson John
    Robinson L. H.
    Robinson Trevor W.
    Robson R. W.
    Romford A. G.
    Rose R. F.
    Ross Edward Johnson
    Ross Thomas
    Rowe P. A.
    Rowell Harry
    Rule J.

  • Additional Names
    Women and Children

    Sabell L.
    Sanday J.
    Scarrow Dr. G. H.
    Scarrow Hart G.
    Scouse R. V.
    Scrafton Frederick
    Seaman F. J.
    Sexty T. C.
    Shadbolt E. G.
    Shaddick Cyril
    Shannon John
    Shearer W. G.
    Shepherd J. H.
    Shepherd S. P.
    Sheppard S. C.
    Shufflebotham Frank
    Sim T. S.
    Skeoch Lawrence A.
    Smith Alex
    Smith H. B.
    Smith K. R.
    Smith R.
    Smith Robert
    Smith Robert
    Smith Frank W.
    Smyth Donald F.
    Soye Richard William
    Steer L. G.
    Stephen Donald Artim
    Stevens George
    Stewart Colin J.
    Sullivan Edith
    Summerskill Harry
    Sutcliffe M.
    Swan W. E.
    Syme R.
    Syms P. H.
    Taylor Donald
    Taylor John
    Taylor Samuel
    Thomas Hugh John
    Thomas G. V.
    Thompson J.
    Thomson G.
    Thornton William
    Thorpe A. W.
    Thorsteinson Asgeir Jonas
    Tibbetts J. B.
    Tilley J. S.
    Tillman Rev. R. B.
    Tillman Rev. R. B.
    Todhunter Arthur
    Tregoning Hugh
    Trought T. E. T.
    Trumble D. G.
    Turnbull Rev. R. G.
    Turner Eric
    Tweed L. J.
    Tweedie James
    Vandenberg Cornelis
    Vanier George P.
    Verner Sybil
    Wade Harold
    Walker A. G.
    Walker C. K.
    Waller E. G.
    Wallis T. E.
    Walter G. S.
    Wasson Elgin E.
    Wasson Elgin E.
    Wasson Elgin E.
    Watson J.
    Watt Robert W.
    Weaver L. E.
    Weighton William
    Weir Alexander
    Weir Alexander
    Weir Alexander
    Welch J. P. I.
    Weston W. Garfield
    White Desmond
    White R.
    Whiticar R. H.
    Wilkins C. C. P.
    Williams Harold F.
    Williams Richard
    Williams Steve
    Willis E.
    Wilson Ian Lovell
    Wilson Ian Lovell
    Wilson K. H.
    Wilson W. M.
    Winder Reginald
    Wingate Horace Richard
    Wintrob Benjamin
    Wolfe Louis
    Woodcock Joseph
    Woolley H. D.
    Woolven L. V.
    Wooster Frank
    Wright Basil
    Wright R. P.
    Wrigley Agnes Ross C.
    Wylie A. W. J.

Additional Names

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